10 Reasons Why BTS’s Jungkook Will Be The Next TikTok King

His whole life has been leading to this moment.

BTS already have their own YouTube, Vlive, Weverse, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and now they’ve added TikTok to the mix! For those who don’t know, TikTok is an app for creating short lipsyncs, meme videos, and more.

Fans predict that Jungkook will take over the app in no time, and here are 10 reasons why!


1. He’s already trending in 25+ countries


2. He’s a Dubsmash veteran…


3. …and his lipsyncs are legendary


4. Vine? With just one video, he owned the app


5. TikTokers love comedy, talent, and creativity…


6. …and Jungkook can do it all!


7. Videography skills? Say no more. Jungkook’s Golden Closet Films have made him a pro.


8. He’s also a master at making memes…


9. …and using them to troll his members


10. He’s Jeon Jungkook. Duh!