BTS’s Jungkook Turns His Birthday Livestream Into A Free Concert — Here’s The Full Setlist

What did we do to deserve you, Jungkook?

BTS‘s Jungkook celebrated his 24th birthday by doing a super long livestream — over two and a half hours! He spent the first part composing a beautiful song for ARMY and then went into an impromptu live performance that had him and us dancing in our rooms. Here are all 27 songs Jungkook sang (or even just hummed) during his mini-concert!

1. Song for ARMY

Jungkook composed an entire song using lyrics written by ARMY and it was the sweetest thing!

2. “Off My Face” – Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s “Off My Face” is one of the tracks off his album Justice that idols just can’t get enough of. Jungkook sang a few lines from it and sounded angelic!

3. “Paradise” – BTS

“Paradise” is a fan favorite off of BTS’s 2018 album Love Yourself: Tear that ARMYs have wanted to hear live for years! Jungkook hilariously didn’t recognize the song’s English title at first, but once he realized what song it was, he graced us all with a short cover.

4. “Next Level” – aespa

“Next Level” has been stuck in everyone’s heads since it came out, and even Jungkook isn’t immune to its power! When he said it was time for the next song, he couldn’t resist saying the lyrics, “I’m on the next [level].

5. “Dimple” – BTS

“Dimple” is another one of BTS’s B-sides that fans have been dying to hear for ages! Off of the group’s 2017 album, Love Yourself: Her, this track is all about finding someone’s smile and their dimple totally irresistible.

6. “Born Singer” – BTS

Jungkook had us all on the verge of tears when he mentioned BTS’s 2013 single “Born Singer.” It’s one of the most emotional songs for BTS to perform and ARMYs to listen to. It’ll always have a special place in our hearts!

7. BTS In The Soop Theme Song – BTS

A fan requested that Jungkook sing the theme song from BTS’s In The Soop series. The song was composed and produced by the members themselves!

8. “Pied Piper” – BTS

“Pied Piper” is off of BTS’s album Love Yourself: Her from 2017 and its lyrics liken the legend of the Pied Piper, who lured animals and children with his flute, to the strong effect BTS have on their fans. It’s one of many BTS songs with a deep meaning that ARMYs totally admire.

9. “Let Go” – BTS

“Let Go” is a Japanese single from their 2018 album Face Yourself. Jungkook sang a bit of it and even tried to do the choreography!

10. “2! 3!” – BTS

“2! 3!” is another ARMY-dedicated song from BTS that never fails to make us tear up. It’s from their 2016 album, Wings, and is all about accepting the negatives in life but still having the courage to look forward with hope.

11. “Mic Drop” – BTS

Jungkook totally switched up the vibes when he pulled out their 2017 song “Mic Drop!” He even did some of the choreography and we felt very attacked but also very blessed.

12. “Autumn Leaves” – BTS

Jungkook did a major throwback with “Autumn Leaves,” a song off of BTS’s 2015 album The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 2. He did all the runs and high notes perfectly, in true Jungkook fashion.

13. “Spring Day” – BTS

Bring on the tears: Jungkook sang the queen “Spring Day!” This song was released in 2017’s You Never Walk Alone, and hasn’t left the Korean charts since.

14. “The Truth Untold” – BTS

Jungkook kept the emotional vibes going when he sang a bit of “The Truth Untold,” the vocal line’s ballad off of Love Yourself: Tear (2018). He sang it acapella, but it sounds just as good as the studio version, if not better!

15. “Just One Day” – BTS

Yet another throwback on the list, “Just One Day” is from BTS’s 2014 album Skool Love Affair. It’s one of those songs that ARMYs know every word to, even if they don’t speak Korean!

16. “Magic Shop” – BTS

“Magic Shop” from Love Yourself: Tear (2018) is a fan favorite for its beautiful sound and heartwarming lyrics. It’s all about BTS and ARMY being each other’s safe spaces and brings whole stadiums to tears when BTS perform it live.

17. “Lost” – BTS

Jungkook only sang a small line from “Lost,” a song from Wings (2016), but it still deserves a spot on the list!

18. “Heartbeat” – BTS

Just like “Paradise,” Jungkook didn’t remember if BTS had a song titled “Heartbeat” until he looked it up! This single is from BTS World‘s original soundtrack and though Jungkook wasn’t sure how it went at first, he aced his performance.

19. “Rain” – BTS

Jungkook sang a bit of “Rain,” a song from BTS’s 2014 EP, Dark & Wild! He sang it acapella and ARMY could hear his beautiful voice loud and clear.

20. “Film Out” – BTS

“Film Out” is from BTS’s 2021 Japanese compilation album, BTS, The Best. Jungkook sang along to the song and added harmonies to his members’ parts!

21. “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)” – BTS

“00:00” is from the group’s album Map of the Soul: 7 (2020). It has an uplifting message about remembering that at the end of the day, no matter what happened, there’s a new day of possibilities waiting for you.

22. “Sea” – BTS

“Sea” is a hidden track from BTS’s Love Yourself: Her (2017) that fans have been absolutely obsessed with since its release! It felt like a total dream come true to hear Jungkook perform it.

23. “Best Of Me” – BTS

“Best Of Me” from Love Yourself: Her (2017) is an energetic bop that always gets everyone jumping out of their seats to dance along!

24. “Mikrokosmos” – BTS

Jungkook sang a bit of “Mikrokosmos” from MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA (2019)! His adlibs and live vocals made us miss live concerts so much; hopefully, we can see BTS perform this beautiful track again soon.

25. “HOME” – BTS

“HOME” is yet another one of BTS’s B-sides that ARMYs are head over heels for! It’s off of 2019’s MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA. Jungkook performed a few minutes of the song and even rapped along!

26. “Love Maze” – BTS

Jungkook also sang “Love Maze” from 2018’s Love Yourself: Tear! His verse in this song is so iconic, especially the vocal run he does perfectly even live.

27. “Waste It On Me” – Steve Aoki feat. BTS

For his final song, Jungkook sang “Waste It On Me,” his and RM‘s collaboration with Steve Aoki! He had so much fun singing along to this one and ended it on the cutest note possible.

Source: VLIVE