BTS’s Jungkook Twerked At The 2021 AMAs — Here Are 10+ Of The Best Reactions

He’s going viral…and we’re going insane.

Back in 2014, BTS learned how to twerk on their reality show American Hustle Life. Seven years later, Jungkook is going viral for werking his twerk at the 2021 American Music Awards! This viral fancam captured Jungkook dancing with his members and Coldplay‘s Chris Martin backstage.

Here’s how fans are reacting!

1. The star have aligned.

2. Can we all agree that Jeon Jungkook and LA Jungkook are two different people?

3. Hold on!

4. Even Minstradamus couldn’t predict this.

5. Who can relate?

6. This Jimin-style reaction:

7. The true meaning of “seize the day”

8. You know “Boy With Luv,” but do you know, “Bunny With Booty?”

9. The only acceptable way to watch the video

10. And the award for “Cutest Twerking” goes to…

11. The commentary makes it 200% funnier.

12. Teeny, tiny twerking