BTS Jungkook’s Two-Tone Hair Moments That We Can’t Forget About

There’s nothing that doesn’t suit Jungkook!

Now we’ve seen BTS‘s Jungkook rock tons of different hairstyles from red to blue to pink to blonde, we’ve seen it all. Aside from color, he’s also known for rocking his two-tone hair colors, whether it be two tone horizontally or vertically!

Let’s take a look at some of his two-tone hair moments, shall we?


At the beginning of 2020, we saw him rock the two tone black and teal hair color.


He also rocked the half blue and half black hair and gave off sexy cool tone vibes.


Even a brighter orange tone looks amazing on our maknae Jungkook!

Ash blonde-Black

Even this faded ash blonde look doesn’t take away from his golden visuals.


His legendary cherry red hair color gives off a more vibrant and bright image.

And we can’t ever forget the time when his cherry red hair faded and he took that opportunity to go for a half-half look.

His self-dyed red and blonde hair is one for the history books!

And although we love his two-toned hair, we can’t forget about his full on one color styles too.


Ash purple


And most recently, he appeared at the 35th Golden Disc Awards with blonde hair!

Whatever hair color Jungkook rocks, you know it’s going to be legendary!

Source: theqoo