10+ Unedited BTS Jungkook Photos Showing What He Actually Looks Like IRL

(Spoiler: He’s handsome AF.)

Ten years into his career, BTS‘s Jungkook is one of the most recognizable K-Pop stars in history. Thousands of ARMYs flock to each BTS concert to see the group, but many have never seen BTS in person.

BTS’s Jungkook performing on stage.

Countless, beautifully polished photos of Jungkook can be found online, but these 10 unedited shots show just how gorgeous he looks up close in real life.

1. The “IDOL” Of Our Dreams

Jungkook’s iconic red hair and bold prints from BTS’s “IDOL” promotions won’t soon be forgotten. In fact, this look has been immortalized in doll form!

| @agust_Dee07/Twitter

2. Born Singer

No one could have predicted BTS’s meteoric rise to stardom, but it’s clear that all seven members were born to sing. From “No More Dream” to “I NEED U” to “Dreamers,” Jungkook’s performances have captivated fans worldwide.

3. From Stadiums To The White House

Piercings, tattoos, and suits? That’s a look. Jungkook perfectly combined rockstar aesthetics with class for BTS’s White House visit and other formal occasions.

| @singlelilith/Twitter

| @purpuriu_/Twitter

4. Cutie in Qatar

Last year, Jungkook flew to Qatar to sing “Dreamers” at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. At the airport, he greeted reporters with an all-natural, casual look…

…and enthusiasm!

5. Is this fanfiction or real life?

Over the years, Jungkook has brought ARMY’s edits and fan art to life with his ever-changing fashion and aesthetics. This particular look was perfection. 

6. I Purple You

Whether it’s behind the scenes or on stage, Jungkook’s angelic voice (and visuals) take ARMY’s breath away!

| @agust_Dee07/Twitter

7. Blood, Sweat & Tears

BTS gives no less than 100% every time they hit the stage. They’ve worked hard to reach the top, and they’re not coming down anytime soon!

8. Cherry Kook

Fans love Jungkook’s natural hair color, but if he brings back this fiery look, well…

…we won’t complain!