BTS’s “Taekook” Boxing Match — Here’s How It Will Go Down, According To ARMY

V: *punches in tiny* Jungkook: *allows it*

Get ready to rumble, ARMY! Today, BTS‘s playfully challenged Jungkook to spar with him by commenting on Jungkook’s newest boxing video on Instagram. There’s no telling if or when this match will happen, but ARMYs already know how it would go down!

1. The fight of the century

2. Expectation vs reality

3. So wholesome, it hurts

4. Part 2 of this:

5. Referee Hobi would call the shots

6. V: *punches in tiny* Jungkook: *allows it*

7. They earned this snuggle session

8. We all know who the real winner is! (ARMY)

9. The softest “fight” you’ll ever see

10. The Taekook selfie our collection needs