15 Of The Weirdest Things BTS’s Jungkook Has Ever Done

Biting his members is just the tip of the iceberg.

BTS‘s Jungkook has done a lot of weird and wonderful things, but these are 15 of his strangest moments to date!


1. When he recorded a cover of Jimin’s “Promise”…in a closet


2. When he blew out birthday candles…with his nose


3. When he danced to “No More Dream” while wearing this giant skull


4. When he smelled his armpit then screamed


5. When he took a bite of RM


6. When he ate this post-it note…


7. …and RM’s birthday hat…


8. …and this fan


9. When he sniffed J-Hope for no reason


10. When he planted an umbrella


11. When he used two toothbrushes


12. Every time he gave fans a close up of his nose


13. That time he dueled a chicken


14. Dubsmash


15. “Welcome. First time with BTS?”