7 Of BTS Jungkook’s Wet Hair Moments That Prove ARMY Trending “Wet Hair Jungkook” Absolutely Needed To Happen

#7 will definitely make your heart flutter!

BTS‘s Jungkook can make absolutely anything and everything look good, including wet hair!

BTS’s Jungkook | @INTHESOOP_TV/Twitter

After new teaser photos for BTS In the SOOP 2 were released earlier today, ARMY trended “WET HAIR JUNGKOOK” on Twitter while tweeting about how good he looked with wet hair in the new preview photos.

Here are # of Jungkook’s swoon-worthy wet hair moments!

1. The “Airplane Pt. 2” music video

The pink hair, the wet hair…Need we say more?

2. When he posed for wet-haired selfies while filming Run BTS!

Watching BTS have fun on the water obstacle course was hilarious, but this was definitely a highlight of the episode, too.

3. Trips to the sauna have never looked better

The members threw water on each other and dunked their heads in water after losing games in the sauna episode of Run BTS, and Jungkook definitely slayed the wet hair look while having fun at the sauna.

4. His wet hair shows hard he works and how much fun he has on stage

Jungkook gives his all while performing, and his sweaty hair is proof of how dedicated he is to his craft.

5. MMA 2019 Jungkook was a cultural reset

Everything about this performance was a masterpiece. From his fluid dance moves, to his emotional depth, and, of course, to his wet hair.

6. When he served rich CEO at the pool vibes

BTS played in the pool and debated against each other poolside in episode 131 of Run BTS, and all the members were soaked after having water sprayed and poured on them over and over again during the debate. Naturally, Jungkook still looked great after being soaked!

7. 3 words: Lotte. Family. Concert

If you’ve ever heard someone refer to 190811 Jungkook, this is what they’re talking about. See why ARMYs will never stop talking about this look from the 2019 Lotte Family Concert?