BTS’s Jungkook Won’t Be Happy Unless He Does These 10 Seemingly Small But Actually Important Things In His Life

Jungkook being happy because of #9 proves he’s really BTS’s cute maknae.

BTS‘s Jungkook believes that in order to be happy, you need to do small but important things in your daily life.

Happiness can be attained through habits done daily– not just from rare experiences only, after all.

For him, he says that for him to be happy, he needs to do these ten seemingly small but actually important things daily.

1. Filming trip videos

Since Jungkook has been very interested in taking videos lately, he wants to go on a trip and try filming once again.

He likes it more if the scenes have people in it!

2. Playing computer games as soon as he wakes up

He normally plays games after working, so he’d be incredibly happy if he does this before anything else.

3. Going to a restaurant and drinking by himself

A true introvert, Jungkook likes drinking alcohol with food, so when he has time, he goes for some alone time.

4. Watching movies

He likes watching movies since the atmosphere in the movie theater is nice for him.

Remember when he and watched Parasite in Busan?

5. Watching a movie with a beam projector in his room

Since he doesn’t have any television, Jungkook watches movies via his beam projector.

He likes how big the screen is when watching!

6. Applying on cream after washing up at night

After washing up, he likes applying moisturizer on his skin to make it dewy — he feels that doing this makes him happy.

7. Exercising

As expected from Jungkook who has a nickname of “muscle pig”, he gets happy every time he finishes a great workout routine.

8. Internet shopping

Instead of buying clothes online, Jungkook loves ordering food whenever he’s in the mood to do so.

He also feels happy whenever he buys accessories or gadgets online. Just recently, he bought a microphone for filming.

9. Teasing his hyungs

Jungkook may be older now, but he’s still the group’s resident maknae.

He loves teasing his hyungs especially when they’re all practicing.

10. Eating delicious food

Take it from Jungkook himself: food is real happiness!



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