BTS Just Released Their “Black Swan” MV And These 10+ Hilarious Tweets Prove Just How Much ARMYs Were Caught By Surprise

Are you Jungshook, too? Blame Big Hit if the person in #10 sits right next to you at concerts.

Big Hit Entertainment recently dropped the music video for Map of the Soul: 7 on March 5 (KST) and ARMYs all over the world are ecstatic and extremely surprised with BTS‘s latest gift to their fans.

Since it was released without any prior notice, ARMYs didn’t have a lot of time organizing and planning for the music video’s promotion because they were busy doing something else.

Check out these 10+ tweets that prove just how surprised ARMYs are when the music video for “Black Swan” was released!

1. Bless the cashier’s heart

2. “Today I’m presenting my research on BTS…wait, what?”

3. Where’s the lie, though?

4. You didn’t know a tweet could attack you like this, did you?

5. You can study while streaming, maybe?

6. Please be careful

7. What were you doing?

8. Hear that? That’s Big Hit laughing at how innocent and unsuspecting all ARMYs were

9. Is this real life or fantasy?

10. There is trauma, trauma, I tell you!

11. Wow, that wallet was tricky to find

12. If Namjoon shaved an ARMY’s eyebrows every time they couldn’t concentrate, he wouldn’t have time to take selcas anymore

13. Every man for himself: trust no one

14. “Can I report an attack? I was totally destroyed”

15. Big Hit: Feeling cute, may drop an MV later lol

Watch the full music video here: