20 New Hot AF BTS Gifs That Will Bring The Pain “ON”

If you couldn’t handle the MV, you definitely can’t handle these gifs.

From powerful dancing to sexy stage outfits, BTS is giving fans the comeback they’ve been waiting for. Check out these hot new gifs from BTS’s comeback video, Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima, if you dare.

1. They protec, they attac, but mostly they slay this comeback!

2. Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by V’s “The Shadow Like Me” tattoo.

3. “Rock Jin”, lead singer of the band, is back. Get it, groupies!

4. Big AGUST D energy

5. I pledge allegiance to the world’s hottest president.

6. If you thought Jungkook was a sweet bunny, you were right…but also very wrong.

7. The Jimin Effect has never been stronger. I’m dead. Play “ON” at my funeral.

8. Swaying to the beat like “hey, na-na-na”

9. This is the “good boy” your parents warned you about.

10. *Googles “how to be that jacket”*

11. You’re looking at two weapons of mass destruction right here.

12. Oh no. Here comes the slo-mo…

13. Proof that “death by eye contact” is a real thing

14. Hobi, who? I only know Jay…

15. …aka Dance Leader Supreme, aka The Husband I’ll Never Have, etc, etc.

16. 2020’s Hairflip Champion

17. Let the ultimate dance battle…

18. …begin!

19. (Spoiler: They’re all winners.)

20. Take THAT, haters!