Just 20 Super HD Photos Of BTS That Will Make You Forget How To Speak

They just keep coming with more.

Dispatch, in collaboration with Naver, has released behind-the-scenes photos from BTS‘s “Idol” filming – and the results are an assault of color and striking visuals. The concept is full of bright tones and patterns, which the members more than pull off, together with some smouldering looks right into the camera… and into A.R.M.Y souls all around the world. Check out some of their overwhelmingly charismatic snaps below.


1. RM


2. Jungkook


3. Jimin


4. V


5. Suga


6. Jin


7. J-Hope


8. RM and Jin


9. Jungkook, J-Hope and Jimin


10. Suga and V