Facts Only: 10+ New Things We Learned About BTS On “Let’s BTS”

10+ answers from their Q&A on “Let’s BTS.”

BTS appeared on KBS for a special talk show called Let’s BTS. Here they performed songs and answered questions about themselves. Check out 10+ new things we learned about the members from their answers!

1. Does RM get an allowance?

Some parents handle their famous childrens’ finances, but that isn’t the case for RM. When asked if he receives an allowance from his parents, he said no. This millionaire manages his own finances!

| Let’s BTS/KBS

2. Who is the funniest member?

For Suga, the funniest member these days is Worldwide Handsome Jin.

Suga (left) and Jin (right)

3. Is the “God of Destruction’s” phone still alive?

When RM found out BTS was nominated for a GRAMMY, he threw his phone in excitement. According to Jin, that phone is one tough cookie.

Jin | Let’s BTS/KBS 

Jin emphasized, however, that he wasn’t praising the phone’s durability just because BTS are Samsung ambassadors. The phone truly is RM-proof!

4. What is the hardest BTS song to perform?

Dance King J-Hope can master any choreography, but even he had a tough time performing “ON”.

5. Which season does Jimin like?

Snow angel Jimin says that he likes winter best.

| Let’s BTS/KBS

6. When does V feel the most embarrassed?

Is that a trick question? When asked this, V said that he never gets embarrassed. We stan a confident king!

7. When does Jungkook look the most handsome?

According to Jungkook, he looks the best when he’s fresh out of the shower.

[We interrupt this article to bring you a quick reminder from V.]

8. What is J-Hope’s go-to delivery food?

It’s chicken! What else?

| Let’s BTS/KBS

9. What is Jungkook’s current phone background?

He sweetly revealed that he has a photo of his parents set as his background. Best son ever!

10. What is V’s most memorable moment?

Out of all the memories he has made with BTS since debut, V considers their stadium tour, LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF the most memorable.

11. What song will BTS open their first post-pandemic concert with?

Answer: “ON.” BTS chose this song because they have yet to perform it in person for ARMY.

| Big Hit Entertainment

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