BTS x LINE FRIENDS Releases BT21 Baby Prism Digital Cases—Here’s What You Can Buy

These are real gems!

BTS and LINE FRIENDS‘ cute collab, BT21, has released a new collection of products, and it’s equal parts adorable and practical! They now have a BT21 Baby Prism Digital Case collection. The concept is the BT21 babies are tinted with gem-like colors.

Here are all the products that are available to purchase:

1. Phone Cases

There are three designs in phone cases available. One case features CHIMMY, COOKY, and SHOOKY, while the others are MANG and RJ or TATA and KOYA. Each phone case is made from PC and TPU materials to protect your phone and resist discoloration. It costs $15 USD each, available for the latest versions of both iPhone and Samsung.

2. AirPods Pro Cases

While there was an option for Samsung for phone cases, these cases for your earbuds are specifically for the AirPods Pro. There are three versions, matching the phone cases and cost $12 USD each.

3. Griptok

Do you know what looks good with any phone case? A BT21 phone grip! There is one available in characters: KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, or COOKY. Each griptok costs $13 USD.

All of the products are available to purchase internationally through the LINE FRIENDS COLLECTION online store.