BTS x LINE FRIENDS Release “MY LITTLE BUDDY” BT21 Collection, And It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

They have BT21 plushies holding their own tiny versions of each other!

BTS and LINE FRIENDS‘ collaboration BT21 has released a new collection, and it might be the cutest yet! The baby versions of the UNIVERSTARS now have mini versions of each other!

| BT21

There are a wide variety of adorable products to choose from. While most of them are sold exclusively in Japan and Korea, you can find some internationally too. So, here are all you can buy…

1. Desktop toppers

These cute figurines can be found on LINE FRIENDS’ official website for just $9.50 USD.

| BT21

2. Stickers

These large removable stickers are sold in sets for under $6 USD.

The small sticker sheets are perfect for decorating your AirPod case or phone! They’re only $3 USD.

3. Plushies

Also known as cushions, each one can be anything from $40 to as much as $90 USD, depending on the seller! But they are so unbelievably cute…

4. Mini plushies

These double as keychains and can be found for a surprising $30 USD, although they are originally just ¥880 JPY ($8.02 USD).

5. Blankets

Cozy up with a warm blanket for $57 USD!

| BT21

6. Photo Holder

These fun photo or ID holders are just $7 USD!

7. Keychains

Accessorize with these cutie keychains for just under $10 USD.

8. Bags

While it’s not available outside of Japan, you can find these cute mesh bags from sellers internationally who will sell them for as low as $28 USD!  Its original price is ¥2,090 JPY ($19.05 USD).

As it’s a Japan-exclusive, the holographic PVC shoulder bags are originally sold for ¥2,090 JPY ($19.05 USD) but can be found online for anything from $30 to $68 USD.

| BT21

These eco bags are also sold exclusively in Japan and cost ¥990 JPY ($9.02 USD)!

| BT21

9. Seed Stick

These are available in lemon seed, arugula, and basil. As it’s not available everywhere, prices can range from $9 to $32 USD, depending on the seller.

| BT21

10. Bedding

One of these comforters online sells for anything from $100 to $200 USD!

| BT21

11. Phone Grips

The best way to accessorize your phone is with a cute grip for it! These, sold in the Japan store, sell for ¥1,045 JPY ($9.53 USD).

| BT21

12. Pouch Sets

These canvas pouch sets can only be found in Japan. They cost ¥1,430 JPY ($13.03 USD).

| BT21

If holo is more your vibe, the Japan store sells them too for ¥1,650 JPY ($15.04 USD).

| BT21

13. Towels

This adorable towel is just ¥715 JPY ($6.52 USD) in Japan.

| BT21

They also have washcloths for ¥880 JPY ($8.02 USD).

| BT21

This unique towel is ¥1,540 JPY ($14.04 USD).

| BT21

Source: KPOP CLOUD and BT21 Japan