20 Broke ARMYs Who Want BTS’s “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” DVD As Badly As You Do

It’s not easy being ARMY…or cheap.

Prepare your heart and your wallet, ARMY; BTS is releasing a new DVD! Ever since BTS dropped the DVD Spot for MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E, fans have been crunching numbers, trying to figure out how to handle this unexpected but necessary expense. Here are 20 “broke” ARMYs who really want MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E!

1. When you’re invited to the party but can’t go

2. Somebody, give HYBE’s marketing team a raise!

3. When they say, “a picture can’t hurt you.”

4. I hope you like potatoes…

5. …and noodles.

6. There are two kinds of ARMYs

7. This cold hard fact

8. Being a multi-stan isn’t easy…or cheap.

9. Let us breathe!

10. No, they do not.

11. When reality sinks in

12. This meme has never hit so hard

13. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

14. Change of plans!

15. *Internal screaming*

16. Pick your poison

17. “God, it’s me again…”

18. Tired and broke? That’s ARMY life.

19. It’s a fair question.

20. Who can relate?