“The BTS Meal” Chicken McNuggets Are Making People Rich

They’re selling for thousands.

BTS photocards, signed albums, and other in-demand merch can pad your wallet, but right now McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets are all the rage!

RM | @McDonalds/Twitter

One nugget, shaped like a character from the Among Us game, made headlines when sparked a bidding war on eBay.

| eBay

It turns out, this is not an anomaly. Selling McNuggets from The BTS Meal can be a lucrative business! This year, McNuggets are among the highest-priced BTS “merch” that has sold on eBay.

| eBay

In 2021, nearly a dozen Among Us shaped nuggets from The BTS Meal have sold for over $10,000 USD.

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Look before you eat, because one nugget could potentially pay down your school loans, car, or mortgage!

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