Here’s How Each BTS Member’s Solo Song Ties Into Their “BTS WORLD” Story

These are the stories behind BTS’s solo themes.

On June 28,  BTS dropped the gorgeously galactic music video for “Heartbeat”, along with the full soundtrack for BTS WORLD. The album has 14 tracks and 7 of them are solo themes that tie into the plotlines for BTS’s “Another Story”.


1. RM – “Captain”

RM‘s solo, “Captain”, is a big band brass song that’s intense, retro, and as exciting as a James Bond theme. This high-energy track is the ideal “chase” theme for RM, who plays a literature-student-turned-detective in BTS WORLD’s “Another Story”. The title also matches RM’s role in BTS: leader.


2. Jimin – “Cake Waltz”

In “Another Story”, Jimin is an aspiring dancer who lives with his grandmother, the owner of a rice cake shop. “Cake Waltz” is a magical, ambient waltz that takes us inside the mind of a dreamer. The combination of harp, timpani, and flute is ponderous and hopeful, looking toward the bright future, just like Jimin is.


3. Suga – “Shine”

“Another Story” Suga is a Music Academy student and a talented pianist. Unsurprisingly, his theme begins with a simple, classical piano intro. Carefree whistling is added, followed by retro, female vocals, cello, and more. More and more layers are added to the song, showing Suga’s growth as an artist but, like Suga, the theme stays true to its “first love”, piano, throughout its journey.


4. Jungkook – “Not Alone”

“Not Alone” starts out tentatively, almost shyly, with quiet piano and strings. As the song progresses, the sound of the clarinet, violin, oboe, and cello all become more robust, gaining confidence and strength, just like Jungkook does after he joins BTS. Jungkook’s passion and unyielding determination to overcome all obstacles, including his own doubts, is at the heart of this masterpiece.


5. J-Hope – “Friends”

J-Hope‘s theme kicks off with acoustic guitar and quickly takes off into a boisterous melody that is as bright as J-Hope’s smile and as tender as his heart. In “Another Story”, J-Hope is a veterinary student who deeply cares for his furry friends. This song is perfect for him because it’s bursting with positivity and it captures his larger than life personality, especially at its finale.


6. Jin – “Wish”

Jin‘s “Wish” is a soft and romantic piano piece that has a touch of loneliness to it, as if it’s yearning for something more. Like the rest of BTS’s solo themes, “Wish” builds on a feeling of hope for the future. It’s also warm and genuine, just like Jin.


7. V – “Flying”

Like a rocket ship, V‘s “Flying” slowly prepares for takeoff then launches into the atmosphere with a beautiful explosion of string instruments. It’s a happy, whimsical song that alternates between dramatic bursts of flight and quiet sailing through the universe of V’s mind. It’s childlike, fanciful, and ideal for Farmer V, who dreams of finding his place among the stars.

Source: Invens