BTS Reveal What They Think ARMY Chose As Each Members’ Charming Points, And Here Are Their Picks

Do you agree with their picks?

After releasing their new video for “Permission to Dance,” BTS created the P. to. D PROJECT for ARMYs across the world to join in and dance to the track! The group recently released a video for that project where they answered some questions about themselves and ARMYs.

One of the questions asked what they thought ARMYs found charming about each member. Even though it’s almost difficult to narrow it down to just a few, here is a look at what they picked.

1. Jin

Despite being the oldest member, Jin thought that his charming point that ARMYs loved was that he has cuteness that doesn’t fit his age. There is no denying that Jin is both handsome and adorable at the same time, which J-Hope thought only increased after he dyed his hair black for the recent comeback.

2. Suga

Suga is known for his effortless charm and charisma, and as expected, it is these things he believes ARMYs think are his charms. His first pick was, “I feel lazy all the time, but I do my best in everything,” and he also pointed out that he’s subtly funny, which his members said wasn’t subtle but agreed that Suga is just funny. His final pick was an unexpected charm, which was that people thought he was the main vocalist and, with all of Suga’s talents, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

3. RM

For RM, he thought that one of his charming points was that he was clumsy, despite fans thinking he is good at everything. Yet, despite his clumsiness, ARMYs can definitely agree that RM is extremely talented in pretty much everything he does. However, RM also acknowledged that he is always serious and full of enthusiasm when it came to any part of his life or work.

4. J-Hope

As the “Happy Virus” of BTS, J-Hope believed that not only did ARMY think he worked while staying cute, but also that he was extremely diligent while working. Although he found it embarrassing to write this down, even Jin believed that the word “cute” would appear many times.

5. Jimin

Like J-Hope, Jimin thought that one of his biggest charms that ARMY might think about is his cuteness. Along with that, Jimin added that his bowl-cut hairstyle and petite height were also something that ARMYs loved about him.

6. V

Unlike the rest of BTS, the group teased V for having much shorter answers for all the questions. Yet, the simplicity didn’t hide V’s charms which he thought included his honesty and genuine! V added that the days of being called “flashy” were over, and he was now more simple and genuine, although ARMYs probably thought he was always like this.

7. Jungkook

For maknae Jungkook, he thought that two of his charming points were was how different he is on stage compared to when he’s not performing and his passion. With his stunning stage presence that has been compared to the best in music, there is no denying this fact. Despite being famous, ARMY will definitely agree with Jungkook’s third pick of being genuine, even though saying it aloud made him shy.

You can watch the whole video below!



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