Here’s How Each BTS Member Looks Like With Glasses…And We Can’t Get Enough

Who wore it best?

There’s something about glasses that just transforms a person. In BTS‘s case, they become even more classically handsome. Although they don’t wear glasses often, the few times that they do are always memorable!

Check out the following pictures to see how each BTS member looks like with glasses.


Since when did BTS’s maknae become so good looking? Glasses really suit him!


Jimin looks so much cuter in glasses! Doesn’t he look like the quintessential boy next door?


V could pull off any glasses style and color with ease. With such top notch visuals, it’s no wonder glasses look so good on him!


Everyone knows RM has an extremely high IQ, but he looks even smarter when he wears glasses!


J-Hope doesn’t even need glasses to become more handsome, but we’re not complaining!


Imagine Suga as your professor…Yes, please.


Worldwide handsome Jin would be the perfect model for a glasses company!