Each BTS Member Reveals What Their Goals Are For 2018

Now that they’ve made history in 2017, the BTS members reveal what’s in store for 2018!

1. Jungkook

“I have a lot of greed so I wanted to do everything and anything, but because I wanted to do so much I couldn’t get anything done properly. I don’t have a lot of persistence. But I’ve decided that I need to do something that will help my career as a singer. I even stopped playing games these days. I want to play classical music on the piano, speak a foreign language well, and sing well. I’m going to focus on these three things.” — Jungkook

2. Suga

“I want to speak English and Japanese well.” — Suga

3. Jin

“Jungkook started playing the drums last year. I started learning the guitar around the same time, but I quit learning because Jungkook quit learning the drums too. But Jungkook started playing the piano now so I’m going to take out my guitar from the closet and try to keep pace with him. I want to try creating a BTS band.” — Jin

4. V

“I really want to be good at singing. I’m only going to try achieving this goal.” — V

5. Jimin

“My goal to become the perfect artist hasn’t changed, but I also want to find out what I really want to do.” — Jimin

6. J-Hope

“We have a lot scheduled for this year, so health comes first. I want to take care of my body better. Soon, I’ll be releasing the mixtape that I’ve been working on since last year, so I’m focusing my all in creating the best music. I hope many people listen and enjoy it.” — J-Hope

7. RM

“My first priority is our album.” — RM

Source: Yonhap News