The BTS Members Had The Best Reactions To Each Other’s Solo Performances

BTS are each other’s biggest supporters.

BTS love dissing each other, it’s one of their ways of showing their bond.

They are also each other’s biggest supporters, where they just fanboy over each other. During the 2018 KBS Song Festival, each of the BTS members had a little solo performance before their group one.

The members couldn’t help but fanboy watching each other’s performances.

1. Jin dancing alongside J-Hope

2. J-Hope seriously watching Jimin

3. Jungkook just grooving to RM

4. Jungkook giving a heart back to RM

5. Jungkook complimenting V

6. Everyone just gushing over V’s face

7. J-Hope finding Suga cute

The members couldn’t help but throw a little diss in these moments as well.

Unfortunately, the performances by Jungkook and Jin couldn’t be monitored due to BTS having to prepare for their group stage.

Here is the full video below!