13 Times That BTS’s Members Were The Chaotic Besties We All Need In Our Life

Who wouldn’t want a friendship like this? 😂

BTS‘s members have countless reasons why people love them: They’re incredibly talented, humble, entertaining, kind-hearted, and many other things! One aspect of them that will never get old, though, is just how chaotic the members can be when they’re together. Whether on-stage or off, BTS can make anything hilarious if they try, and fans love them for it. Here are 13 times that the members proved that they’re the chaotic besties we all want in our lives!

1. When BTS was just being… BTS.

2. Who allowed them to have these??

3. What is even happening in this photo 😂

4. You don’t even necessarily need all of them to have hilarious chaos!

5. Your ears might be ringing after being around them for a while!

6. When Suga’s rap had all of the members lit 😂

7. This clip gets more chaotic the longer it goes…

8. Truer words never spoken!

9. When the topic of conversation was butts…

10. V might arguably be the most chaotic among them?

11. When… Whatever this is happened on mainstream media 😂

12. This video perfectly captures all of their energies.

13. This is probably just a normal day in BTS’s life.