10+ Times The BTS Members Served Major Looks In The Same Clothes As Each Other

Looks like the BTS members raid each other’s closets!

BTS‘s Jimin once said “We have different clothes” when a fan asked how the members keep their clothes separate from each other’s clothes on tour. However, the members have worn the same clothes on many occasions!

| AskAnythingChat/YouTube

Here are 10+ times the BTS members rocked the same clothes!

1. Cuties in overalls

V and Jungkook wore the same long-sleeved striped shirt under overalls. Although their overalls were different, they both looked equally adorable!

2. Leather ooh la la

Jungkook and Suga both look like the rocker boys of our dreams in their leather jackets! Jungkook opted for a little hint of color with his black and white top while Suga sported a cool monochromatic look.

3. Gorgeous in grey

Jin and RM rocked the same Louis Vuitton sweatsuit, and they both looked amazing! Who knew comfy clothes could look so cool?

4. Sweet sweater vests

Suga and V wore the same sweater vest, and they served equally iconic looks! Suga looked positively ethereal while V looked adorably preppy.

5. Flower boys

J-Hope and V wore the same sweatshirt with floral sleeves, and we’re still thinking about these looks to this day! J-Hope looked super fierce in his sweatshirt on stage, and V looked like a sensitive, super handsome artsy man.

6. Fierce in Fear of God

RM and Suga have us seeing double in this picture! They both rocked this T-shirt.

7. Best dressed besties

The 95s both looked amazing in this black dress shirt!

8. Cardigan cuties

RM, Jimin, and J-Hope all love this Louis Vuitton cardigan!

9. Pretty in patterns

V and Jin are both serving legendary visuals in this patterned shirt!

10. Sope shirt

Suga and J-Hope both looked comfy and unbelievably cute in this T-shirt!

11. Serving looks in sweaters

This grunge-inspired hoodie looks amazing on both Jimin and Suga!

12. Jinkook jacket

Jin and Jungkook both look great in this black and white windbreaker! Looks like this jacket is just as great for fishing as it is for spending the day in the studio.


Same Fit, Different Vibes