BTS Revealed Their Innermost Thoughts About Each Member In A Recent Interview

BTS reveals their innermost thoughts about each member.

BTS appeared on a special Hulu Japan segment called We Love BTS where each member revealed how they see each other and which of their members’ qualities they admire.


1. Jin

RM began by complimenting Jin‘s ice-breaking abilities. RM said that as soon as Jin tells one of his Jin jokes, the mood lightens. Jin may seem like he jokes around a lot (and he does), but he also has an amazing work ethic. RM admires how Jin keeps working on improving his dancing skills.


According to Suga, Jin has his own “energy”. He doesn’t like depressing atmospheres so he makes an effort to bring energy to the team.


J-Hope added to that by explaining how Jin plays an important role in keeping the team together by giving them strength. He also said that although Jin is the oldest member, age doesn’t seem to matter to him.


Jimin said that most of the time, Jin is like an “innocent kid”, but if something is lacking in their work Jin is the member who works the hardest to improve that area. Like RM, Jimin admires Jin’s work ethic. He also said that out of all the members, Jin is the one who most hopes that BTS will stay together.


Jin is the member V said that he likes the most. He praised Jin’s visuals, hard work, and said that Jin’s presence helps BTS’s “colour” to stand out. Jin is always the one working in the background, and he helps to his members by making them laugh.


Like the other members, Jungkook talked about Jin’s two sides: his fun-loving side and his hard-working side. He said that Jin has shown the most improvement out of all the members.


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2. Suga

RM said that he respects Suga’s unique attitude and passion for music.


Jin pointed out Suga’s production skills, and J-Hope praised Suga’s talent for song-writing. According to J-Hope, Suga is one of the most influential people involved in making BTS’s albums.


Jimin said that although Suga seems cold, he is actually a warm person on the inside. He isn’t the type to have one on one talks with the members, but will express his thoughts when they are all gathered together. Suga’s words have comforted Jimin and helped him to reexamine his own thoughts.


V said that although Suga doesn’t say much, he’s the hardest working member on the team. He also said that he admires Suga’s rapping abilities.


Jungkook sees Suga as a disciplined realist who knows how to draw the line between public and private matters. He said that Suga has a wide range of knowledge that even surpasses RM’s in some areas.


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3. J-Hope

RM sees J-Hope as someone who lights up the atmosphere. He also shares half of RM’s leadership role and excels at leading the group’s performances.


Jin also praised J-Hope’s “extraordinary” leadership. He admires J-Hope’s way of correcting and leading the members during dance practices.


Suga pointed out the positive energy J-Hope brings to the team. Jimin called J-Hope a kind person who goes through his own tough times but considers the other member’s hard times more important than his own.


V said that when BTS is frustrated or exhausted J-Hope gives them the strength they need.


Jungkook sees J-Hope as someone with a clear mind who is able to see what he wants then achieves it.


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4. RM

All of the members praised RM’s ability to lead their team. Being a leader comes with a lot of pressure. Jimin acknowledged how hard it must be to always bear that responsibility, and said that he admires RM’s ability to look back and reflect on himself.


In addition to RM’s leadership skills, J-Hope said that he admires RM’s language abilities, while Jin pointed out RM’s ability to compose music and write meaningful lyrics.


V talked about RM’s charisma, English skills, and how he helps the other members to improve themselves by focuses on their own unique charms.


Jungkook said that RM is someone so admirable that he can’t even put RM into words. Tht is why he feels RM truly deserves his place as BTS’s leader.


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5. Jimin

RM said that Jimin is a hardworking, ambitious person who sets his sights high.


Jin praised Jimin’s ability to express himself, while Suga complimented Jimin’s vocal abilities. Suga feels that few people have vocals like Jimin and, on top of that, Jimin is very charming.


J-Hope, Jimin’s long-time roommate, said that Jimin is a great performer but also an amazing friend. Jimin once told V “I can’t help you but I can be strength to you”. Those words stayed in V’s mind and inspired him to grow as a person.


Jungkook said that Jimin is one of BTS’s hardest working members. Everything he has achieved has been the result of his own efforts.


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6. V

RM said that V is someone who possesses a lot of good qualities, so he is someone who can win anyone’s favor. He admires V’s friendliness and innocent smile.


J-Hope, Suga, and Jin all respect V’s performance skills. According to Jin,  V excels at showing emotions through his performances.


Jimin sees V as a friend who is “pure” and “untainted”, but not childish. Sometimes he said that envies V’s innocent nature, which V himself may not even be aware of.


Jungkook said that although V can seem thoughtless, he’s actually a very detailed and careful person. He is able to achieve his goals one by one without getting ahead of himself, which is something wishes he himself could do too.


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7. Jungkook

When asked about Jungkook, the members had similar answers: Jungkook is someone with exceptional talents. After witnessing the Golden’s Maknae’s skills, Jin thought to himself, “someone like that can be born”.


Suga said that Jungkook sings and performs well, while J-Hope pointed out Jungkook’s visuals and videography skills.

Jungkook has created an ongoing series of self-directed highlight reels under the name Golden Closet Films.


According to RM, Jungkook is someone who is good at everything, but he has shone the most since he grew from a boy into a man. RM pointed out how Billboard had selected Jungkook’s “FAKE LOVE” ab flash as one of the 2018 Billboard Music Awards best moments.


To Jimin, Jungkook is a “cool” dongsaeng he looks up to. He said that Jungkook’s ability to speak his mind with his heart is especially admirable because he is the youngest member. Jimin said that he really respects the maknae and feel that there’s much he can learn from him.


V summed Jungkook up as someone who has “extraordinary basic talent”. He said that most people begin at the bottom when they try something new, but Jungkook is someone who starts everything at an above-average level.


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