Here Are BTS Members’ Favorite Colors, And The Meaning Behind Them

Does your favorite color match your bias?

Every color has certain meanings and symbolism that go with them. Oftentimes these are very broad, wide-ranging meanings that cover a lot of different feelings, emotions, and states of being, but they exist nonetheless! Each of the members of BTS are known to have a favorite color (or more than one), so this list will show whether or not each member’s favorite color suits their personality and character.

Jungkook: Red

Red represents energy, passion, love, and danger. It’s often associated with anger (such as for the term “seeing red”), but the positive symbolism for the color definitely outweighs the negative. People who like the color red tend to have a lot of passion for whatever they want to chase after, such as Jungkook’s passion for performing. Red is also the color of love — which Jungkook has plenty of for his precious ARMYs. This color definitely suits the maknae of BTS!

V: Purple

The color purple has a special meaning to BTS fans, of course, and V himself came up with the phrase “I purple you” to express his love to ARMYs. But outside of BTS, the color has many other meanings, including royalty, ambition, and creativity. It’s also associated with wealth, since in the old days, it used to be a very expensive dye to get and thus only royalty could wear it. V might not be royalty, but his fans might definitely see him as their prince! He’s also highly creative, not only with music but art and fashion as well.

Jimin: Blue

The color blue is one of the most serene and calming colors that exist, and represents trust, loyalty, and faith. People often make their surroundings blue if they want to have more calmness and stability in their life, to relax their mind and ease their worries. These meanings make the color perfect for Jimin, whose bright personality and sweet words to fans can ease any stressful mind. He’s also endlessly loyal and faithful to his fellow members.

J-Hope: Green

The color green represents nature and harmony, as well as safety, growth, and energy. These themes all go hand in hand, since nature is the ultimate source of renewal and growth, especially in the springtime, when life comes back to the world after cold winters. J-Hope himself is like a breath of fresh spring air, like sunshine after months of cloudy weather, cheering everyone up with his bright smile and endless energy. This color suits him perfectly!

RM: Black

While the color black may bring negative feelings to some, it has a lot of positive meanings as well, including power, elegance, mystery, and sophistication. Black is a necessary component for all other colors to have depth and variation of hue, much like how RM is necessary as a leader for BTS to thrive. He has always had an air of elegance and sophistication around him (most of the time), not to mention that black suits look incredible on him! It definitely makes sense for this to be his favorite color.

Suga: White

White is a very complex color — while to the naked eye, it looks like it lacks all color, in reality white light actually contains all the colors of the rainbow. It represents purity and innocence, and is the color of “perfection”. Suga is known to be a perfectionist, constantly striving to better himself, even to the point of it being stressful for him. But the color white balances out all the colors of the spectrum, much like Suga balances out BTS with his quiet, introverted nature compared to the others’ extroverted energies.

Jin: Pink

Some might see pink as a very feminine color, but the meanings behind it are neutral in terms of gender expression — friendship, harmony, playfulness, and romance. It’s wonderful to see Jin breaking the stereotypes for the color to only be worn and loved by girls, especially since he fits so much of the symbolism that goes with it! He’s very friendly and playful — sometimes to the point of mischievousness! — with the other members of BTS, and is also incredibly flirty and romantic with fans.