Here’s The BEST and WORST person to date, for each BTS member

But of course, opposites could attract.

Now that the boys’ ideal types are out in the open, let us play matchmaker and see who would be the best and the worst for BTS members to date!


1. For Jin

The best person for Jin to date would be actress Scarlett Johansson, as he picked her to be his ideal type. Gorgeous, confident, and puppy-faced, Scarlett Johansson would be a great match for Worldwide Handsome.

Because Jin wants someone with excellent cooking skills to satisfy his huge appetite, TWICE‘s Momo might not make a good match. While she is kind and caring, as per Jin’s wish, Momo can’t even crack open an egg correctly. Any attempt at a romantic brunch could turn out a disaster!


2. For Suga

Suga is looking for someone who likes rap and hiphop. He also wanted his future girlfriend to have an understanding personality. Sounds like Suga could make a great couple with Cheetah! Not only is she one of Korea’s most charismatic female rappers, but also a smart woman with a laid-back personality that would match well with Suga’s.

On the other hand, MOMOLAND‘s JooE might not be the best for Suga, as she is known to be an extrovert, always so full of hype and fun! For Suga, who is looking for someone calm and composed, this upbeat and energetic girl group member might not be the one.


3. For J-Hope

J-Hope also wants someone who can cook, former SISTAR‘s Soyou would be perfect for him! Soyou has shown off her amazing chef-like skills on several TV programs, becoming one of Korea’s most beloved girlfriend and wife material!

Girl’s Day‘s Yura wouldn’t be the best for J-Hope, because while he wants someone who will think about him all the time, she isn’t the type to become too obsessed. On an episode of Life Bar, Yura talked about how even when she’s involved in a relationship, she doesn’t lose her own life.


4. For RM

RM has one long list of standards when it comes to his ideal type of woman. She has to be smart, feminine, sexy, and tall. She shouldn’t be a smoker or a clubber. She has to have a nice voice and look great in a simple white shirt and jeans. While such a perfect woman sounds impossible to find, Seolhyun is actually everything RM described!

Meanwhile, RM and comedian Park Na Rae would have a hard time making things work. While she is an amazing comedian and an aspiring DJ, Park Na Rae isn’t quite tall or all too feminine. She is an extra-energetic ball of fire that likes to party it up at home and at clubs!


5. For Jimin

For Jimin, actress Park Bo Young would be beyond perfect. Jimin’s ideal girlfriend would be “cute with a good personality” and Park Bo Young is exactly that. Her aegyo-filled personality and most adorable visual could capture Jimin’s heart.

So it seems someone extremely charismatic and wild-spirited, like HyunA, might not do too well as Jimin’s match. HyunA is “cute with a good personality” in her own light of course, but wouldn’t quite fit what Jimin described.


6. For V

V once picked actress Kaya Scodelario to be his ideal type. He is looking for someone who appears to be cold, but has a warm heart. Kaya Scodelario is a great match to what he described, because her city-chic looks could come off as cynical at first, especially in her portrayal of the character Effy Stonem in the popular TV series Skins.

Singer Hong Jin Young wouldn’t make the best girlfriend for V because while he wants someone who can help him manage his money, she doesn’t know too much about financing.

“I let my parents take care of the money. I don’t know much about how to save or invest.” — Hong Jin Young


7. For Jungkook

We know Jungkook has forever had a crush on IU, so should this couple ever happen, it would be absolutely perfect. IU is, as Jungkook described his ideal type to be, intelligent, talented, and competitive. Actress Emma Watson, who is another celebrity that Jungkook pointed out to be close to his ideal type, fits his description quite well too.

Because Jungkook is on the shy side, perhaps someone who is super outgoing and extra sexy wouldn’t be the hottest match. While BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has a rockin’ body, toned and healthy like Jungkook described his ideal type to be, she has a well-known extroverted personality that might not work out best with Jungkook’s.