Here’s How Each BTS Member Answered “Will You Marry Me?”

ARMYs asked BTS to marry them and this is how the members replied.

BTS‘s JinSugaJ-HopeRMJiminV, and Jungkook, are some of the world’s most eligible bachelors. Millions of ARMYs have professed love for them, and some have even asked, “will you marry me?”. Here’s how each member responded to fans’ proposals.


1. Jin

Unlike the rest of his members, Jin has shot down ARMY’s proposals. One time, told ARMY not to be ridiculous.

Another time, he flat out refused!


2. Suga

In the past, Suga told ARMY to keep their ring finger ring-free and ready to accept his proposal.

He also said that if ARMY wants to marry him, they’ll have to bring the documents…to Seoul. I-ARMY may want to book their flight ASAP!


3. J-Hope

Unfortunately for J-Hope stans, J-Hope hasn’t replied to their proposals yet on camera. But, it’s safe to say that he’s open to the idea!


4. RM

Like several BTS members, RM was proposed to during a live broadcast with fans. He told his suitor that if they want to marry him, they have to see his mother.


5. Jimin

Jimin smiled adorably when fans asked to marry him during a live. He said he’ll have to ask both his parents for permission before he ties the knot.


6. V

At the soundcheck for BTS’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself in Paris concert, V received a marriage proposal. When V saw a fan’s sign that read, “Marry me, Taehyung”, he playfully replied with, “Oh, so you want to marry me?”. The fan burst into tears!


7. Jungkook

On June 16, Jungkook chatted with ARMY after BTS’s 5th Muster in Busan. During his live, an ARMY proposed and Jungkook replied in a hilariously practical way. He said that if ARMY wants to marry him, they’ll have to bring the paperwork and meet his parents!