7 Times BTS Members Wore Matching Outfits But Forgot To Tell Jin Hyung

Someone didn’t get the memo.

BTS members are well known for their fashionable “airport outfits”, photographed and beloved by the press and ARMYs alike. Most of the time, there is something about each outfit that ties them all together as a group – but then there are times when members forget to tip Jin in on their unspoken dress code and make the oldest hyung the most noticeable one. Of course, Jin – being Worldwide Handsome – doesn’t care, or perhaps he even appreciates the extra attention; ARMYs are simply in love with how funny the whole situation is.

1. Jin in Pink

Here’s Jin in his pastel pink long coat, when the rest of BTS decided to go chic in black. But hey, real men wear pink – and so did Jin.

2. Jin in White

Here’s another time BTS decided to go all Men-in-Black without running it by Jin. In the shades of black and grey stood Jin in his snow-white sweater and denim. And the cheeky expressions on the members’ faces only add to the

3. Jin in Blue

Here’s Jin, giving zero f*cks and sporting his royal blue sweater, amidst the shades of burgundy, red, and pink. He makes it look so good though, he could almost blend in.

4. Jin in Yellow

This is a classic “Jin didn’t get the memo” moment for BTS. While everyone else is rocking out their old-school look for that hiphop vibe, Jin is Jin in his full-on yellow suit. It’s hilarious enough that Jin is wearing a suit, but for it to be that sunflower yellow… ARMYs can’t help but crack up about the strangeness of this picture!

5. Jin in Turquoise

The theme for this photo shoot must have been white shirts and easy bottoms. At least Jin nailed the classic pants part… Jin in a plaid turquoise shirt, smack in the middle of the formation, is most definitely an attention-grabber, which in a sense may have been the purpose – and a successful strategy at that.

6. Jin Minus Fanny Pack

Check out how all of the members are wearing a fanny pack, except Jin. Jin is wearing a crossbody bag because Jin can. And no one is stopping Jin.

7. Jin in Hanbok

This was done as a penalty, as it is not so average for Koreans to show up to the airport in full traditional hanbok attire, but Jin almost made it look natural and not too completely weird. The dress code for this day must have been “modern”, but prince Jin from the ancient past didn’t get the scroll in time.

Source: The Qoo


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