Here Are A Ton Of BTS Members’ Nicknames, And Their Origins Make Perfect Sense

Did you know about all of these?

BTS‘s members all have many different nicknames, some of which have been around for years, and others that are more recent additions. Some of them are as simple as a play on their real name or stage name, while others have a more lengthy origin and meaning behind them. Here are a list of several different nicknames that each member has!

1. Jungkook

As the youngest member of BTS, some of Jungkook’s nicknames stem from being the maknae. These include “Baby Bunny”, the endearing nickname “Kookie”/”Jungkookie”, and “Golden Maknae” (for his multi-talented skills in most everything he does).

He’s also sometimes called “Triple Threat” (due to his skills in dancing, singing, and rapping), as well as the hilarious “Jeon Seagull”. His stage name at one point was going to be “Seagull”, and he also thought about having his English name be “Justin Seagull” due to his love for Justin Bieber, so “Jeon Seagull” is a mashup of his real name and these other inspirations.

2. V

Several of V’s nicknames come from his good looks, and understandably so! One of them is “CGV”, which stands for “Computer Graphic V”, since fans believe his visuals are too good to be real. Another more silly name is “Choco Bun”, which comes from his soft, adorable cheeks and tan skin.

The nickname “Vu” stems from his dual personality, and “Secret Weapon” is due to his hidden talents. “Gucci Boy” is pretty easy go guess — it’s because of his love for Gucci! A few other affectionate names are “TaeTae”, “Baby Lion”, and “The One on the Left” (from when he went viral worldwide for his good looks at the BBMAs).

3. Jimin

Like V, some of Jimin’s nicknames come from his appearance, and specifically his cute cheeks! “Mochi” and “Sexy Mochi” both describe his soft, squishy cheeks, and the latter tacks on his undeniably sexy appearance. “Manggae-tteok“, also a type of rice cake, is another name people have used. He’s also been called “Dooly” due to his similar appearance to a cartoon character of the same name.

He’s known as the “Fairy of the Group” because of the way he pampers the other members. “Jiminie-pabo“, which means “Jimin is a fool”, is an affectionate name that V has given him. And “ChimChim” is just a play on his real name.

4. J-Hope

One of J-Hope’s most popular nicknames is “Hobi”, short for his stage name. A couple others, including “ARMY’s Hope” and “Sunshine”, are due to his bright, positive personality that suit his actual stage name very well.

He’s also known as the “Team Dance Leader” due to his dance skills and leading the group, as well as “Golden Hyung” for being multi-talented. One less common one is “The Sound Effect of the Group” because of all the funny noises he makes.

5. Suga

Suga has some pretty hilarious nicknames, though some come from his intelligence and brain power. “Minstradamus” is one given to him due to his predictions coming true, and the iconic “Suga-JeonJae-Jjang-Jjang-Man-Bboong-Bboong” actually comes from him being the “genius” of the group. He’s also been called “Min PD” because of his surname (Min) and his producing for BTS.

“Grandpa Yoongi” is a combination of his real name and his sleeping habits, because he sleeps a lot like an “old person”. “Lil Meow Meow” started at a fan sign event, and suits Suga because of his cuteness and his love for sleep.

6. RM

One of RM’s funniest nicknames is “God of Destruction”, due to his clumsy nature and knack for breaking things. He’s also been called “Moon Child” due to his late-night habits.

“English Teacher” is an obvious one, since he’s the only fluent English-speaker in the group (for now!), and “Namu” is simply a shortened version of his real name, Namjoon.

7. Jin

“Worldwide Handsome” is definitely Jin’s most popular nickname, but he has many others. Like V, he was noticed for his good looks at the BBMAs as “Third Guy from the Left”, and “Pink Princess” because of his love for pink. He’s also known as “Worldwide Funny Guy” because of his sense of humor.

“Pig Jin” came from his love for food, and “Chef Jin” is due to his ability to cook food well. “Fake Maknae” and “Mad-nae” are both because of the fact that he’s the oldest but often acts the youngest. And lastly, “Eomma Jin” is based on his motherly qualities (“eomma” means mother).