BTS Members Once Revealed Their Honest Feelings About RM…And It’s Extremely Heartwarming

BTS’s leader is truly loved!

BTS‘s RM has shown his love for the other members on multiple occasions.

During an interview, the BTS members were asked to give their honest opinions on RM, and their responses were quite heartwarming.

1. Jin

Something that Jin admires about RM is his incredible composing skills.

Jin just finds it amazing how RM can produce such exquisite thoughts and translate them into lyrics.

2. Suga

RM’s leadership skills are something that Suga respects.

3. J-Hope

There are many things that J-Hope admires about RM, one of them being his fluency in English.

J-Hope also admires RM leadership skills, as RM constantly tries to lead BTS the best way he can.

4. Jimin

Jimin admires that RM never tries to abuse his powers as a leader, that he tries to be a member like everyone else.

Jimin also shows some sympathy for RM, as he knows that being the leader can be a stressful position.

5. V

Something that V envies about RM his incredible intelligence, as well as his fluent English.

V also throws a playful diss on how RM is the king of destruction off stage. Another admirable trait about RM is that he’s able to push out the individual charms of each member.

6. Jungkook

Jungkook doesn’t feel that there’s much to say about RM, as most people already know he’s amazing.

Jungkook gives lots of love to RM for all the things he’s done for him.

Here is the full video below!