Here Are BTS’s Members Reimagined As Element Benders From Avatar: The Last Airbender

Do you agree with this list?

Avatar: The Last Airbender has recently been added onto Netflix, and old fans and new watchers have been gushing over the iconic, wonderful show. It’s fun to try to imagine what kind of bender you might be if you were in that world! Have you ever wondered, though, what kind of element bender your favorite K-Pop idols, such as BTS, would be? This list might just tell you that! Of course, this is all a matter of opinion and there are likely arguments that could work for any member being any kind of element bender, but these are the conclusions made based off of their overall personalities, dispositions, talents, and specialties.

1. Jin: Water Bender

Water bending definitely seems to suit Jin’s personality well! He’s a very kind, caring, and almost motherly (fatherly?) sort of person, unafraid to show his emotions and open up to others. He’s not a pushover, however, and can also be high-energy when the time calls for it, which also suits the playful water bender nature! He could also specialize in the healing side of water bending, since he is definitely more of a lover than a fighter!

2. Suga: Fire Bender

This one seems pretty obvious, does it not? Suga already literally (okay, not literally, but it sure seems like it) spits fire, which in and of itself automatically puts him in the fire bender category. He’s also an intense person, known to have a bit of a temper, which fire benders are also prone to having. Fire bending is also unique in that it’s the only element where the user can generate their own element, and Suga is extremely talented in creating music and lyrics as a producer and composer, so this suits him well! He might specialize in lightning bending, an extremely difficult type of bending that takes immense self-control and determination to perform.

3. RM: Earth Bender

RM is steady, steadfast, and patient as a leader, and known to be the solid, well, rock that the other members can rely on. He’s the ultimate defender of BTS and their ARMY, acting as a shield in a way against haters and those who would oppose them. Not with violence and angry retorts, but with a peaceful, logical, rational nature. These are all traits that would make him an excellent earth bender! He could specialize in metal bending, a tricky and difficult style that takes a lot of time, energy, and patience to master.

4. J-Hope: Air Bender

Air benders are nomads, free-spirited people not held down by traditional ways of living and constantly traveling and exploring the world around them. They have a gentle but curious spirit, and are also full of energy even if it’s not the explosive kind like fire benders. These traits match the sunshine of BTS, J-Hope, quite well! He has a child-like curiosity and energy about him, unafraid to break social norms and do what he wants just for the fun of it.

5. Jimin: Water Bender

Jimin’s dancing alone, with its fluidity and beautiful flowing aesthetic, could be enough to argue that he would be a water bender. He’s also unafraid to show his emotions, often through his singing or performing, and can make an audience tear bend (haha) from how beautiful he is to watch! If he were to specialize in a sub-genre of water bending, it could be plant bending, which requires immense control over not only one’s own body but the cells of the plants that one is bending, and Jimin has that ability to move carefully and intricately.

6. V: Air Bender

Like J-Hope, V is also known for his child-like nature and silly personality, but he can also be surprisingly philosophical and artistic as well. The air nomads were monks, and therefore had very strong philosophical beliefs, so he definitely suits this style of bending! Air benders are peaceful people as well, generally, who mostly use their abilities to enhance their own lives rather than using it against others, and V is certainly a selfless person that uses what he’s good at to make his members and BTS’s fans happy. He might also specialize in spiritual projection, given his somewhat spacey and philosophical nature.

7. Jungkook: Fire Bender/Avatar

Jungkook would, unsurprisingly, likely be the Avatar in the world of element bending. He could be from the fire nation, given his pure power, strength, and passion for what he does, but Jungkook is known to be naturally great at pretty much everything he tries, which is basically what the Avatar is! He’s often the center of BTS’s performances and gets a lot of time in the spotlight (for good reason because of his skills!), which is what the Avatar has to do as the bridge between the human world and the spiritual world.