Here Are Some Of The BTS Members’ Strange Sleeping Habits

Number 3 is quite the unique sleeping habit.

When it comes to sleeping habits, it seems that most of the BTS members have some strange ones. During an interview, the members were asked if they had any strange sleeping habits, and it was revealed that Jungkook, RM, J-Hope, and V all have strange sleeping habits.

Here’s a look at what these members’ strange sleeping habits are.

1. Jungkook

When Jungkook sleeps with clothes on, by the time he wakes up, all of his clothes will be off!

However, this only happens when Jungkook is sleeping on a bed. If Jungkook is sleeping on the floor, then he tends to clean while he sleeps.

2. RM

When it was RM’s turn, the members quickly roasted him for how loud his snoring is. Jin even said that it’s like an earthquake.


Even RM is aware of how loud his snoring is, as he even bought a device to help prevent him from snoring.

3. J-Hope

When J-Hope sleeps, he tends to touch himself a lot, which the members find extremely strange.

4. V

When V sleeps, he tends to sleep talk a lot. The BTS members shared that when V sleep talks, he talks very clearly and loudly.

Here’s the full video below!