10 Times BTS Members Went Viral Online, For Unexpected Reasons

As the biggest K-Pop group in the world, BTS definitely knows how to go viral, but sometimes they trend for some unexpected reasons.

With all of BTS‘s massive achievements for the history of K-Pop, it’s no surprise that the boys have gone viral too many times to count – but sometimes the members have gained popularity online for unexpected reasons, like for the way they blow kisses (Jin). Check out 10 times the BTS members went viral for some unusual reasons.


1. Jin became the “car door guy”

Jin first gained worldwide fame for his good looks when he stepped out of the car at the 2015 MelOn Music Awards. He literally promoted BTS by getting out of the car.


2. A.R.M.Y fanfiction

A creative A.R.M.Y shared an interactive horror fanfiction called Outcast on Twitter that went completely viral because it doubled as a choose-your-own-adventure game for the entire fandom. Fans were encouraged to vote on a poll every night for five nights (along with a bonus story line on a sixth night), deciding how each cliffhanger resolved itself.


3. Jimin’s #ThankYouJimin

Jimin began trending worldwide earlier this year… for no particular reason? A.R.M.Ys decided to celebrate Jimin’s talents and personality without any special reason like a holiday or birthday.  Fans followed the hashtag up by thanking other members, too.


4. Jungkook interacts with a fan

Jungkook went viral earlier this month when footage from a fansign saw him interact with a cute young fan… and his reaction as staff got a stool for the girl to come to his eye level.


5. V’s accidental selfie

When V accidentally uploaded a selfie to BTS’s Twitter account, he quickly deleted it and asked fans to forget about it, since it wasn’t him in the picture.

But fans had a field day with it, re-uploading the photo to show him they had it saved and reassuring him he looked cute! V responded by saying it wasn’t him…. but it was a glasses app. Fans thought his embarrassment was super cute and the posts went viral!

“That person isn’t me~~ I am right here~~~ Oohahhh~~ Please don’t be disappointed~~~~ That was an app~~ A glasses app~~~~~~ Yeah~~~” — V


6. “You got no jams”

What started as a BTS Bomb broadcast where the boys joked around speaking English ended with a viral meme of RM teasing Jimin that “he got no jams”.


7. “Third guy from the left”, “the one on the left” and “the one in the middle”

After the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, Jin once again went viral for his good looks as “the third guy from the left”, V as “the one on the left” and Jungkook “the one in the middle.”


8. Suga’s “gang sign”

At the 2018 BBMAs, Suga went viral as the “gang sign boy” because every single photo of him at the event had him throwing up a peace sign. It trended further when it was pointed out that he wasn’t doing gang signs, but the “emeka” sign, which is a sign for peace, love and unity.


9. Jin responds to a fan screaming “you’re so handsome!”

When Jin was an MC at the KBS Song Festival with EXO‘s Chanyeol, Red Velvet‘s Irene and TWICE‘s Sana, as he was presenting a fan screamed out “you’re so handsome!” He responded with “yes, I am handsome” and continued on. He went viral as “Jin the MC god”.


10. V’s confused face

When RM was being interviewed at the 2017 BBMAs, V’s face behind him says it all – and it was made into a meme that went viral on 9gag!