Here Are BTS V’s Unique Traits That The Members Love The Most About Him

Elite Daily comprised a list of the members revealing their favorite quality about V!

1. RM Loves How V Is “Super Friendly” Who “Won’t Back Down”

Taehyung is a friend that possesses many things, so he wins favor over everyone. His approach is very friendly and shows that kind of innocent side I greatly admire.

— RM

In a 2018 Interview with Non-no Magazine, RM named V as the member he’d take to a deserted island. He said, “Instead of saying that I rely on him… it’s more like if he’s there, he won’t back down.


2. Jin Loves How V Is So “Expressive” And “Weird”, Yet “Artistic”

He is so rich with expressing emotions. When I look at him on the screen, I get this feeling that idol is a vocation for him.

He’s really weird. He’s like a different species.

He is very artistic. He’s good at photography, music, and painting. He’s good at all genres of art.

— Jin


3. Suga Loves How V Is A “Great Performer”

He’s such a great performer, so I respect that.

— Suga


4. J-Hope Loves V For His “Natural Talent”

 V is a friend that has lots of talent. That talent I can’t put it into words. He has that talent he shows off so naturally.

— J-Hope


5. Jimin Loves How V Is “Pure And Untainted” And The Best “Friend”

I get a lot of feelings that he is so pure and untainted. It’s kind of different from seeing him as a kid. ‘Childish’ is not what it is. He has this ‘untainted vibe’ I get a lot, probably all of you know without my explanation.

Those sides come off to me as very adorable and he might not realize it, but that becomes an opportunity for us to think about it once more. Those things occasionally become a strength. So, I envy him from time to time that he can be so untainted.

Those who watch us, they might say I only tend to Taehyung and not him. But I actually learn a lot from him. He makes me feel good and touches my heart often. That’s when I’m thankful to have Taehyung as my friend.

— Jimin


6. Jungkook Loves How V Is “Careful And Orderly”

He’s kind of a genius and I think sometimes he can seem like he doesn’t have a lot of thought, but at the back, he checks one to ten. He’s a very detailed and careful person.

He doesn’t have a lot of greed. I have a lot of greed and want to do many things. But Taehyung achieves things one by one, calm and orderly.

— Jungkook

Source: Elite Daily