20 More BTS Memes That Deserve A Standing Ovation

These memes are hilariously relatable.

BTS‘s members are living, breathing, walking memes. There’s a reaction meme for every situation you can think of, and more. So, in addition to these 20 BTS memes, here are 20 more to brighten your day!


1. This poem

2. Your brain

3. “Seoul Town Road” feat. Suga

4. In front of my ramen?

5. Not to be dramatic, but…

6. Short people problems

7. The Smolder

8. True duality

9. Jungtiddies

10. Selfie mode: activated

11. Yes, I want fries with that

12. Hide yo makeup, hide yo mirrors!

13. You heard the man

14. Can’t math today

15. Permission to freak?

16. Don’t touch the snacc’s snacks

17. Excuse me, officer…

18. Diagnosis: appundicitis

19. #ARMYproblems

20. Offended for life