Here Are 15+ Moments From “BTS Memories Of 2020” DVD That Everyone Deserves To See

It is enough to make any ARMY nostalgic!

After a long wait, BTS has finally released the BTS MEMORIES OF 2020 DVD. The DVD consists of many never-before-seen contents, including behind-the-scenes footage of various BTS events from the previous year! With so much content, it seems as if ARMYs cannot get enough and are loving all the material they’ve been treated to.

With so much to watch, here are 15+ moments from BTS MEMORIES OF 2020 that you need to see!

1. There’s so much VMin 🥺

2. If Jin ever wants to change careers, he has another job sorted.

3. When in doubt, call V for backup!

4. There is so much love for RM, and rightly so.

5. Does Jimin really even need legs when he has Jungkook.

6. Suga and J-Hope’s friendship is destiny!

7. Is Jungkook the chicken whisperer?

8. Jimin’s talent never ceases to amaze ARMYs.

9. At least they didn’t censor everything for ARMYs.

10. V is probably one of the sweetest people in the world.

11. Jimin always knows how to make his younger brother laugh.

12. Excuse you, Jungkook!

13. This clip speaks for itself…

14. Jungkook is a real comedic genius.

15. RM really is one of a kind leader!