10+ Most Relatable Fan Tweets About BTS’s Military Enlistment Update That Summarize Our Current Emotional State

#8 is too relatable.

On October 17, HYBE dropped a bomb in the form of official news regarding BTS‘s enlistment. They revealed that Jin will be cancelling his request to delay his mandatory service and the rest of the members will enlist afterwards in order of age.

BTS will only reconvene as a complete group in 2025.

BTS | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Check out some of the most relatable tweets from ARMYs about this below.

1. When our therapy session for the day was a Run! BTS episode

2. When Jin’s words in the Busan concert were put in a new light

He said, “I kept thinking that this will be the last concert that we’ll be doing and we don’t know when we’ll be doing another. Guys, I don’t know when we will tour again but if we have one, you will all show up, right?”

3. When we promised to wait for him

4. When we all needed a fandom hug

5. When we vowed to be ARMYs for life

6. When we hoped time will pass by quickly

7. When we tried to keep a positive mindset

8. When we already made concert plans…for 2025

9. When we were sure BTS will have a lot in store for fans

10. When we realized the time apart could have been longer

11. When we promised to be patient

12. And when we hoped BTS understood the hearts of ARMYs

Learn more about BTS’s military enlistment update below.

BTS’s Jin Has Cancelled His Request To Delay His Military Service And Will Enlist In The Military

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