12 BTS Movies That Aren’t Coming To A Theater Near You

These fan-made movie posters deserve to advertise real BTS movies.

BTS‘s photos are so cinematic that fans can’t help editing them into movie posters. Here are 12 fan-made posters for fictional BTS movies that we’d pay real money to see!

1. Kingsman – The Shadow Circle

2. Parasite starring BTS

3. Harry Potter – In The Shadows

4. Shadow starring Suga

5. EGO starring J-Hope

6. The Great Maknae

7. Map of the Soul: 7 – The Movie

8. Fallen Angel starring J-Hope and Suga

9. The Little Prince: V

10. This blockbuster Big Hit series

11. Black Swan – “An extraordinary, intoxicating masterpiece”

12. Goblin – The Movie