9 BTS Music Videos That You Might Forget Are Advertisements

You won’t want to skip these ads.

BTS has teamed up with a number of brands to film advertisements. These 9 ads went all out to bring viewers catchy songs and high production music videos. It’s easy to forget that these MVs are actually commercials!

1. IONIQ x BTS “IONIQ: I’m on it” MV

BTS’s most recent MV ad is for Hyundai‘s new sub-brand of electric vehicles, IONIQ. The “IONIQ: I’m on it” MV features an original song, surreal sets, and impressive camera work.

| HyundaiWorldwide/Youtube

This cinematic dreamscape is so impressive that it could easily be mistaken for an official BTS music video.

2. Lotte Duty Free x BTS “You’re so Beautiful” MV

Like the first video on this list, this MV mentions its brand throughout the video, but it’s still easy to forget that we’re watching a commercial.

With flashing lyrics, a make-you-dance beat, and energetic choreography, this MV raises the bar for ads everywhere.

3. BTS and Jessi’s SK Telecom ad

Back in 2016, BTS and Jessi had a rap battle for the telecommunications company SK Telecom. They dropped bars, rep’d their brand, and had a lot of fun doing it.

There are no winners and losers here, only kings and queens!

4. RM’s K’hawah Coffee commercial

RM, then Rap Monster, brings more power than caffeine to this hip hop MV for K’hawah Coffee.

If you like your morning brew like you like your men (tall, dark, and hot), then this MV is for you.

5. RM’s “Fantastic (Feat. Mandy Ventrice)” MV

Welcome to another solo RM project. Since this music video begins with the Big Hit Entertainment logo, it’s more MV than commercial. That said, it’s still advertising a product: Marvel‘s Fantastic Four movie.

“Fantastic” is an action-packed song for a superhero movie, so it’s perfect for your workout playlist too.

6. BTS’s “RUN”, PUMA version

BTS changed the lyrics of their song “RUN” to fit this ad for the sports’ brand PUMA.

Like the official “RUN” MV, there’s lots of running, dancing, and fun in this ad for the Blaze of Glory (BOG) Sock sneaker campaign.

7. The “Coconut Chicken” song

If you’re not craving coconut chicken, you might be after watching this tropical commercial.

In it, BTS sing about coconut chicken while strumming ukeleles and hanging out on an island paradise.

8. BTS x SK Telecom “Variety – T”

Another SK Telecom MV? Why not! BTS are dressed to kill and born to slay in this rooftop MV.

They sing, rap, dance, and look so fine that — wait. What is this ad for again?

9. BTS x GFRIEND’s “Family Song”

In 2016, BTS and their labelmate GFRIEND were ambassadors for the annual “Family Love Day” campaign sponsored by the Korea National Council on Social Welfare. This campaign is all about family bonds and the need for spending quality time together.

In this MV, BTS and GFRIEND are classmates who sing about family while sharing their own childhood photos with viewers.