Here’s The 5 BTS Music Videos In YouTube’s “Billion Views Club”

Soon it will be six!

BTS keep making history! It’s no wonder they entered the Guinness World Records 2022 Hall of Fame with a total of 23 records.

BTS | Guinness World Records

Their latest achievement is becoming both the first Korean act and the first group in the history of YouTube to have five music videos surpass 1 billion views. All of their videos have millions of views, yet only five have surpassed 1 billion, joining YouTube’s exclusive “Billion Views Club.” Still, soon, BTS will have six as “IDOL” is currently at 996,964,557 views as of September 8, 2021.


Until then, here are BTS’s 5 music videos that have all surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube…


“FAKE LOVE” is the group’s latest music video to achieve 1 billion views. As it was released on May 18, 2018, it took three years, three months, and 20 days to achieve this milestone. It hit the 1 billion mark on September 8, 2021, and as of today, it has 1,000,826,354 views.

2. “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)”

Steve Aoki’s remix of BTS’s hit “MIC Drop” recently achieved the same milestone. According to Big Hit Music, the video, originally uploaded on November 24, 2017, reached the milestone at around 7:46 PM KST on July 26. It’s still growing, too, as it currently has 1,036,031,664 views.

Aoki shared a video after hearing the news, thanking both BTS and ARMY for helping his remix of “MIC Drop” achieve this milestone. It is his first music video ever to reach 1 billion views!

3. “Dynamite”

“Dynamite” currently holds the record for being the fastest music video by a Korean group to reach 1 billion views. Originally premiering on August 20 of last year, it took only seven months and 22 days to reach 1 billion views as it hit the mark on April 12, 2021! Today, it has 1,233,870,793 views. 

In 2020, BTS also gained the most YouTube views in 24 hours with its music video “Dynamite,” which achieved 101,100,000 views.

4. “Boy With Luv” (feat. Halsey)

This crossover hit between friends BTS and Halsey was the group’s second music video to reach this milestone. On October 28, 2020, eighteen months after its April 2019 premiere, YouTube confirmed that “Boy With Luv” had joined the Billion Views Club. As of today, it has 1,344,176,787 views.

5. “DNA”

The first-ever BTS music video to do so, “DNA,” surpassed 1 billion views on June 1, 2020, around 2:20 AM KST, according to Big Hit Music. Originally premiering on September 18, 2017, this was also the first music video by a K-Pop boy group to achieve this milestone. The music video for the hit song has 1,339,162,280 views currently.

Source: @charts_k and HYBE LABELS