19 Things You Might Have Missed In BTS’s New “Boy With Luv” Dance Practice

BTS got extra silly during this dance practice and fans are loving it.

Nobody asked for it, but fans are thrilled to receive a surprise “eye contact” version for BTS‘s “Boy With Luv” dance practice. The original version is tons of fun, but this one is much, much sillier. Here are 19 things you might have missed while watching it the first time.


1. V trying really hard not to smile


2. One of Jimin’s many ab flashes

(Let’s all say “thank you, style team”!)


3. RM and Jin bias wrecking everybody in the background


4. J-Hope practicing his tongue technology


5. V creating the next big “judging you” meme with RM


6. Suga pouring every drop of his sexy swag into this move


7. V doing this when nobody was looking…


8. …or so he thought


9. Jin’s kiss


10. Jungkook getting his hair-swish on


11. J-Hope giggling before his part with Jungkook…


12. …and everyone’s reaction to it


13. V staring down Jungkook for no apparent reason

14. V (accidentally?) tapping RM’s shoulder


15. This subtle eyebrow raise. How dare he.


16. V flapping his jacket during RM’s verse


17. Jimin giving RM finger horns


18. Jin and V getting extra in the background, plus Jimin’s finger heart


19. V slapping Jungkook’s butt, because why not?