BTS Are Fashion Kings In New “GQ” & “Vogue” Behind The Scenes Photos

Look out, models. They’re coming for your jobs.

BTS‘s GQ Korea Vogue Korea collaboration is the gift that keeps giving! In December 2021, BTS appeared a special pictorial, decked out in Louis Vuitton clothing and accessories. Now BigHit Music and Naver have released new behind the scenes photos from the shoot. Check them out!

1. RM

BTS’s leader is leading the next generation of fashionistas in his solo shoot. Sexy and chic? Preppy and casual? He can do it all!

2. Jin

Worldwide Handsome once said that his best accessory is his gorgeous face. It’s easy to see why! What’s your favorite Jin look? (Ours is the suit!)

3. Suga

Brrr. Is it chilly in here? This warm-hearted rapper is bringing his coldest aura to his photoshoot. Like the “Daechwita” lyrics say, he’s a king, he’s a boss!

4. J-Hope

ARMY’s sunshine brings the heat! J-Hope isn’t afraid to try different looks, and he rocks each one of these Louis Vuitton outfits. He also knows how to pose in ways that bring energy and movement to his photos.

5. Jimin

While most of his members wore outfits with cooler colors, like black and blue, Jimin stood out in bright pink and neon greens. These outfits scream, “look at me,” and sir…we are!

6. V

V is an “old soul.” He loves classic jazz, vintage clothing, and nostalgic art that brings the past into the present. Some of his Louis Vuitton fits reflect this, while others take us into the future of fashion.

7. Jungkook

The Golden Maknae is athletic, artistic, and daring. As such, these eye-catching yet practical athleisure outfits seem like they were made just for him!

8. BTS

Can you imagine BTS slaying the runway in these outfits? Models, be thankful they chose music!

Source: Naver