10 Connections Between BTS’s “ON” MV And Their Past Music Videos

“ON” references “Make It Right”, “Fake Love”, and more.

BTS just released their new music video for “ON”. It’s a cinematic masterpiece featuring many mind-blowing references, as well as connections to their past works. Check out 10 of those connections here!

1. The heroes from “Make It Right”

There’s no denying that and the blindfolded girl from “ON” MV share a striking resemblance with the leads from another MV.

In the “Make It Right (feat. Lauv)” music video, the hero must go on a journey to slay a dragon with the help of a kind and faithful girl, who most-likely represents ARMY.

2.  The cloaks from “FAKE LOVE”

During the dance battle scene in “ON” MV, BTS faces off with a version of themselves dressed in red cloaks.

These cloaks look very similar to the ones in the “FAKE LOVE” MV.

3. Escape from Omelas in “Spring Day”

“The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula K. Le Guin played a key role in BTS’s “Spring Day” MV. Many fans believe Jungkook symbolized the child who must be imprisoned in misery in order for the rest of the town to live in bliss.

In “ON” MV, Jungkook successfully escapes and joins other survivors/rebels who are walking away from their dark pasts toward a shining new future.

4. Jungkook’s neverending run through the Bangtan Universe

Running is a recurring element in BTS’s MVs, and nobody does it more than Jungkook. He runs through “ON”, “Spring Day”, “Not Today”…

…”FAKE LOVE”, and more…

…but he always looks happiest when he’s running toward his members!

5. Jin’s lantern in “FAKE LOVE”

Jin often plays BTS’s protector in their music videos. In “FAKE LOVE”, he protects a flower in a lantern from being destroyed.

In the “ON” MV, Jin protects a dove and its cage.

When he arrives at the gates of freedom, he lets the dove fly away.

6. “No More Dream”

At the very end of the video, the text “NO MORE DREAM” appears…

…then changes to “DREAM”.

7. J-Hope’s fall in “I NEED U”

Fans have pointed out that the way J-Hope collapses in this MV…

…looks very similar to the way Jungkook collapses in “ON”.

After Jungkook falls, J-Hope appears near him.

8. Red oppressors

BTS have said that “ON” is an inversion of their 2013 MV “N.O”. In “N.O”, red is the color of oppression associated with the authority figures who are holding them captive.

In “ON”, a dark version of BTS appears in red cloaks, and red is also seen prominently in Suga‘s scenes.

9. The dance battles in “N.O” and “Not Today”

Like “ON”, both of these songs are about resilience and overcoming adversity. All three MVs illustrate these concepts by featuring dance battles between BTS and their oppressors.

10. The climb to freedom

At the end of the “ON” MV, BTS scale a rock similar to Pride Rock in The Lion King. 

The scene has reminded some fans of this concept photo for The Most Beautiful Moment in Life.