20+ Nicknames Locals Gave To BTS While Trying To Find Out Their Real Names

Meet “Car Door Guy”, “The Guy with the Glasses”, and more.

Who are those guys? “Locals”, aka the general public, want to know! Whenever BTS appears on television or award shows outside of Korea, they attract a lot of attention. Here are 20+ nicknames locals gave to Those 7 Guys Who Paved the Way.

1. Car Door Guy

Jin‘s viral nicknames include:

  • Car Door Guy
  • Third One from the Left
  • The Guy with the Brown Hair

2. The Guy with the Glasses

Some of RM‘s viral nicknames are:

  • The Guy with the Glasses
  • The Blonde Guy

3. The Little Guy Throwing Gang Signs

Suga‘s viral nicknames include:

  • The Little Guy Throwing Gang Signs
  • The Bad Boy of the Group
  • The Guy Wearing the Red Shirt
  • The Man Who Dropped the Mic at the End of the Song

4. Ball of Sunshine

J-Hope‘s viral nicknames include:

  • The Fun Guy in the Middle
  • Ball of Sunshine

5. The Guy With The Pink Hair

Some of Jimin’s viral nicknames are:

  • The Guy with the Pink Hair
  • Glittery Jacket Guy
  • The Guy with the Purple Hair
  • The Blonde Guy with the Silver Jacket

6. The Man in Black

Some of V‘s viral nicknames are:

  • The Man in Black
  • The Guy with the Long Black Coat
  • The Guy with the Curly Hair
  • The Guy Next to Ariana
  • The Guy with the Blue Hair
  • The Guy with the Mint Green Hair

7. The Guy With The Dracula Coat

Jungkook‘s viral nicknames include:

  • The Guy with the Dracula Coat
  • The Guy in the Middle
  • The Guy with Black Hair