ARMY’s BTS x Nike Merch Is Too Good Not To Be Official

Shut up and take our money!

From FILA to McDonald’sBTS has collaborated with the world’s biggest companies. One brand they haven’t represented, however, is Nike, an American footwear brand. ARMYs are now creating their own BTS x Nike merch in the hopes that an official collab will happen! Check out their designs.

1. Presenting the Air Force 7 “We Are Not Seven With You” edition

This fan went the extra mile by designing packaging to match their merch!

2. The “We Are Bulletproof” collection. Coming soon?

If Nike is looking for a fantastic teaser idea, here it is!

3. The “Black Swan” Edition

This fan created an aesthetically pleasing shoe with tiny, meaningful details, including a quote from BTS’s “Black Swan” Art Film.

4. The “Map Of The Soul” collection

This fan designed shoes to match all four versions of BTS’s Map of the Soul: 7 album. Which one is your favorite?

5. The “House of Cards” Edition

Looking for something that screams, “classic BTS?” Here it is! This fan designed a shoe for BTS’s 2015 song “Outro: House of Cards.”

6. “Just Do It” is now “Do Your Thing”

This fan-made merch isn’t for sale, but we wish it was!

7. “You Never Walk Alone”

This special shoe embodies the message that fans have found comfort in for years.

8. Life is “Dynamite”

Perfect shoe. Perfect slogan. 10/10!

9. “Permission To Dance” granted!

If these shoes were real, they would sell out before BTS’s next PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert!