10+ Times BTS Completely Lost Their Sense Of Direction 

They had no idea where they were going.

Everybody gets mixed up sometimes, even BTS! Here are 10+ times that the members completely lost their sense of direction.

1. When everyone but Suga went the wrong way at MAMA

Suga signaled RM

…who reeled the rest of BTS back in.

2. When RM was so busy talking that he walked right past their dressing room

3. That time V lost his way because of ARMY

As V was waving to fans, he walked right past his members…

…and became totally disoriented.

As V turned around in circles, trying to find the right place to stand, everyone around him couldn’t help smiling.

4. When Jimin had no idea where he was going with V’s birthday cake

5. When V left BTS to go his own way

6. There goes J-Hooooope!

7. When Jungkook couldn’t find his hotel room after leaving Jin’s

8. That time Jin had to yank RM back on stage


9. When Jungkook learned that being center has its downside

10. When they got distracted by reporters at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards

11. When Suga straight up confessed to not having a sense of direction

On Weverse, Suga left this comment, “I thought ‘I’m sure I’ll get there if I go this way’, and I went that way confidently and ended up somewhere else. That’s when I realized I have no sense of direction.”