10+ Obscure BTS Videos That New ARMYs May Have Never Seen

Did you know that “Dope” has a jazz version?

BTS has produced more video content in the last six years than some artists produce in a lifetime. That means newer ARMYs have a lot to catch up on! To start, here are 10+ BTS videos that these new fans may have never seen, and old fans may have forgotten about.


1. BTS in NYC (“Boyz with Fun” Ver.)

This video was filmed in 2015, when BTS was on their first US tour. In it, BTS have a blast exploring the streets of New York City!


2. Rap Monster X DJ Soulscape – “Unpack Your Bags”

This collaboration came out in 2014, back when RM was still Rap Monster. It’s a montage of RM performance clips, behind the scenes, clips, and more.


3. “Dope” (Jazz version)

BTS often performs rock versions of their songs during their concerts, but did you know they’ve done jazz too? BTS performed this jazzy “Dope” remix in 2015, while looking very dapper!


4. This rooftop performance of “TOMORROW” + “I NEED U”

If this video was a “try not to get jealous challenge”, most ARMYs would probably lose. In 2015, BTS gifted a lucky group of fans with a laidback performance, complete with a live band.


5. “So 4 More”

“So 4 More” is an unreleased song. BTS wrote and recorded it to celebrate their first anniversary, then performed it in this video.


6. “Butterfly” MV (Special Stage)

“Butterfly” has a music video?! That’s right! Unlike most of BTS’s official MVs though, this one was filmed specifically for a music show.


7. “Run” MV (Special Stage)

Like “Butterfly”, “Run” has a music show music video that was recorded as part of a special stage.


8. “Danger” (Mo-Blue-Mix)

This version of “Danger” is much more chill than the original, and it features an English chorus performed by THANH.


9. “Boy in Luv” (Demo Version)

Most fans are familiar with BTS’s 2014 hit, “Boy In Luv”, but some might not be aware that a demo version exists. Although the final version of “Boy In Luv” is perfect, many fans still wish that some of parts of the demo, like Jungkook‘s adlib at 3:06, had been included.


10. “Come Back Home” MV

This video is only two years old, but it hasn’t received nearly as much attention as many of BTS’s other music videos. This may be because this MV is one of the only BTS music videos that does not feature BTS on screen. It was released in 2017 as a collaboration with Stone Music Entertainment.



Is there a more legendary BTS music video than this self-directed “SPINEBREAKER” MV? We say no!