10 Times BTS’s Oldest and Youngest Members “Swapped” Ages

Are we sure Jin isn’t the real maknae?

Jin is BTS‘s oldest member and Jungkook is the youngest, but based on how they behave, fans sometimes wonder if there’s been a mix-up. Typically, maknaes are the child-like members who lean on (and pester) their more mature older members who, in turn, will look after (and pick on) their dongsaengs. While that’s true for Jin and Jungkook at times, it’s often the other way around!


1. When Jungkook claimed to be the one raising Jin

If this isn’t a role-reversal, then what is? When Jungkook said this, Jin vehemently insisted that he was the one who had raised Jungkook, but fans aren’t 100% sure.


2. When Jin pulled this classic sibling stunt

Anyone with brothers or sisters will recognize this situation. Jin threw a sand ball at Jungkook to mildly annoy him, then blamed it on someone else, to avoid his brother’s retribution!


3. When Jungkook took care of Jin during a concert

As much as older siblings love to pick on their younger ones, they take care of them too. When Jin injured his hand, Jungkook looked after him by opening his water bottle and tying his shoes for him.


4. When Jin got a little overdramatic during a broadcast

When Jin put on this theatrical, pasta-eating performance, Jungkook reacted much like a more mature, older sibling might.


5. When Jungkook scolded Jin in front of ARMY

During a concert, Jungkook playfully took on the role on hyung to reprimand Jin about his eating habits and work ethic. Maknae Jin took his punishment without complaint!


6. When Jungkook shoved Jin off like he was a clingy younger brother

Siblings can relate!


7. When Jungkook swatted away Jin’s silliness on set

Just when did Jungkook become the mature one?


8. When Jin revealed the reason why he goes to the gym

Maknae Jin exercises to protect himself from his Jungkook-hyung!


9. When Jungkook and V teamed up on Jin at a fansign

Jin once again became BTS’s maknae when his “hyungs”, Jungkook and V, scolded him for accidentally swatted a standing photo at a fan.


10. When Jungkook spoke down to Jin during the “Of Course” game

ARMYs will never forget the iconic rookie-era moment when Jungkook dropped honorifics and told Jin that his life is awkward.