BTS Were Once Asked About How They Relieve Their Stress, Here’s How Each Member Responded

Number 2 has a unique way of relieving stress.

K-Pop idols have extremely stressful lives, as they constantly have to make music, practice, go to schedules, etc. The members of BTS were once asked how they relieve their stress. Here’s how each member responded.

1. Suga

Suga shared that when he gets stressed, he tends to sleep or produce music.

2. RM

RM has a unique way of relieving stress, as he tends to “film music videos”.

RM explained that when he gets stressed, he sometimes goes somewhere and starts listening to music.

After turning on the music, he pretends there are cameras and starts acting as if he’s the protagonist of a music video.

3. Jimin

Jimin shared that he doesn’t really know how to relieve stress.

Jimin also revealed that he loves to eat, but he doesn’t want to eat when he’s stressed due to him wanting to lose weight.

4. Jungkook

Jungkook shared that he doesn’t really know when he’s getting stressed or when he’s not getting stressed.

5. V

In the past, V would meet up with his friends and have conversations regarding what’s stressing him.

However, he’s no longer able to do this. Now, V just calls his friends over the phone to have a conversation.

6. J-Hope

In the past, J-Hope would sleep when he got stressed. However, this changed once BTS moved dorms.

J-Hope shared that his room is decorated with stuff he likes, such as figures.

Whenever J-Hope looks at the stuff in his room, it relieves his stress.

7. Jin

Jin shared that he doesn’t get stressed easily. Even if Jin does get stressed, he usually forgets about it in minutes.

Here’s the full video below!